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1. Will I be compensated/paid for my service?

No. This is a voluntary organization and no one is compensated for their services. Everyone participating pays for their own airfare and accommodations.

2. Where is the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean. It is the western part of the island Hispaniola and Haiti occupies the eastern part. Spanish is the primary language but English is also widely spoken.

3. Do I need a visa to enter the Dominican Republic?

A visa is not required for US citizens and green card holders. However, a valid passport is needed for travel. There is an entry tax paid on entering the Dominican Republic. Further information can be obtained from the Embassy of the Dominican Republic’ website and the US State Department Travel Advisory can also be reviewed prior to traveling.

4. Will there be someone to pick me up from the airport?

Yes. An advanced group usually leaves a few days before the beginning of the medical mission to start preparations and a liaison person will be there to meet you on arrival and transport you to your hotel.

5. Is there any special vaccination required before entering the Dominican Republic?

Please review the Center of Disease Control’s website at for any recommended vaccination requirements.

6. Is accommodations and food provided?

Food is provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We generally eat at the mission site and snacks and bottles of water are also provided. Each person is responsible for paying for their own accommodations, however, we usually stay at a single hotel and negotiate a group discount rate. Some hotels include breakfast.

7. How will I get to the mission site?

You will be informed in advance the location of the site that we are working. We generally work as a single large group, we charter a bus that is available to us for the duration of the mission. Please note that you will be received at the airport and transported to your hotel and on the morning of the mission we depart as a group for the mission site.

8. Will I be required to attend any religious services?

No. The majority of our group is made up of people who are of Christian denomination. However, we are not a religious organization. We do not seek to convert anyone to a particular religion and we believe in providing services to all regardless of race, religion or nationality. We are not affiliated with any political or national organizations. However, we do work with the local churches and pastors as they are our liaison contact. They arrange for permission from the local health department; security with the local police department; provide food; and coordinate with the local school system for the schools to be used as improvise Clinics.

9. Do I need insurance?

Emergency travel medical insurance can be purchased when booking your airline ticket to cover any emergency overseas and emergency air ambulance, if needed. Medical liability insurance is not needed, as socialize medicine is practice in the Dominican Republic and we do obtain permission from both the Central Ministry of Health and the local Health Department in the province we are practicing prior to conducting any medical mission.

10. How do I sign up/volunteer?

Volunteer instructions can be found on our website.

11. Do I have to attend a basic orientation?

Orientation material are available on our website for review and we will meet as a group prior to the start of any mission to discuss our respective roles, answer questions, in-service and goals for mission.

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